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About Us

Here at Ingram's Power Wash we do everything with 110%. There is no slacking around here! We are family owned and operated. being with Family and good times are everything to us, and we know it is to you! 

The lake is a fun and beautiful place but as we know from first hand experience it is not the cleanest. Do you have a dirty house that needs a little TLC? We are the ones to call! Protect your investments with us, keeping your home, roof, and driveway clean not only keeps them looking great, but also ensures you can get the longest life out of them! Allowing dirt, algae, and possibly mold to sit can cause serious problems down the road, nobody wants that. Let us help! Call or text (816) 294-1558 or shoot us an email any time at and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.


licensed & insured

proud Member of lake of the ozarks Boards and Chambers

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